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Solvere is an 8a, small business offering big solutions. We are an innovative provider of industry expertise and collaborate with customers to successfully manage businesses in a changing world. 

•   Technical Specification Development

     Business analysis, requirements and specifications design and documentation.

•   System Assessments

     Comprehensive review of systems, constraints, and opportunities for growth and improvements on          technology.

•   Life Cycle Management

     Management and facilitation of business communications processes, development, implementation,        and maintenance of systems in compliance with contracts’ statement of work.

•   Configuration Management

     Agile management of system changes and the development and implementation of changes with              productivity check-ins, and sprints that successfully meet user needs.

•   Logistics Analysis

     Comprehensive studies of logistics for process improvements and streamlining with the application of       the latest tools and best practices.










In addition, Solvere provides specialty solutions in the following areas:

•   Marine Engineering,

•   Technical Services, 

•   Business Development Consulting Services, 

•   Acquisition Management, 

•   Program Management, 

•   Reliability Engineering, 

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